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Tom Stevens - No place like Home

Tom Stevens has traveled many years and thousands of miles to get back to the place where he began.

Starting at age nine back home in Elkhart, Indiana, Stevens cut his musical teeth in various garage and hard rock bands in the 60's and 70's. His stint with hard-rocking local legends Magi honed his skills to a fine edge, and took him from Nowheresville to Los Angeles in 1979. There he learned that being a big fish in a small pond meant nothing in the Great Cold City that had moved on to a whole new music scene, and he had to start all over again. It was then that he began seriously writing songs.

With the help of friends, Stevens recorded and released a six-song EP on Pulse Records, 1981’s Points of View, later re-released in an expanded version in 1997 as Points Revisited. In 1995 he released Another Room. Both these releases received rave reviews from fans and press alike, fueling a demand for new material which is about to be satisfied by his latest solo release Home, on Avebury Records.

Entirely written and self-produced by Stevens, Home was inspired by his family’s move to a new house in 2003. "I'd moved into a new house and bought a home studio to take down ideas. Having a full recording setup inspired me to complete many songs I had in various stages of assembly, and also write new ones as I settled in with my new environment.", says Stevens. "I enjoyed playing the studio as much as I did playing the guitars."

Most of the songs on Home were written/completed between 2003 and 2005, with a few taken from earlier songwriting periods. The opener Ghost Train is a reverb-soaked, haunted dream of a track that pulls you into its hypnotic spell. Melodic rocker Belladonna is a sardonic paean to L.A., Tom's home in the 80's. In the Basement takes off into country territory with a tale of love-lost regret set to a toe-tapping beat. Death Wish is a wryly mocking observation on the suicides of the famous - and not so famous - and the damage they leave behind for those who care.

Other songs on the album range from rockers Tornado and Weekendland, to the ntrospective Away From the Great Cold City, to the lovely, atmospheric piece, Flying Out of London in the Rain, which conveys the longing of the road-weary musician at the end of a tour, returning to the love and comfort of the home and family he left behind.

Flame Turns to Blue is a poignant ballad with deeper meaning than may be gleaned at first listening. Says Stevens:“It’s a song of existential hope. Even when things look like they are falling apart, every good thing can renew. Love never really dies, one's faith can if you let it, but I still keep faith in spite of it all."

The title track, Home is a musical walk through Stevens' past and present. It takes the listener on a trip through his memories of growing up in Indiana, and his recognition that this is the place that formed and nurtured him. At the end is his final realization that with all he's experienced, every place he's been in the world through the years, surrounded by those he loves, he is truly where he belongs.

"This is a very strange time to bring out a new release. The industry is starting to declare the CD dead and dozens of indie labels are folding almost daily. But people are as committed to music - new music - as they ever were. I think that wherever this release is exposed, it will make new friends and do very well. I think it's the best thing I've ever done."

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